Midland Computers

Custom App Development for G.N. Badley

G.N. Badley, a family run butchers in Telford, has launched a new custom app developed by Midland Computers, to help trace where their meat comes from. The online application can be used to track the goods coming into the shop and trace the origins of the meat they sell. The app has sparked interest from the Department of Environmental Health for the forward thinking business strategy and was featured in the Shropshire Star and BBC Radio Shropshire.

Marketing Director, Simon Badley said, “We have had huge success with the launch of our website and online ordering system since it began in 2012 and it just prompted us to think how else we could use the internet to improve our business.”

Alan Miller, an account manager at Midland Computers said, “This bespoke web application enables G.N. Badley’s customers to login and track exactly where their meat is from, something that is becoming more and more important to consumers of today. We are extremely proud to have been involved in the forward thinking diversification of a trusted local business and look forward to developing the product further in order to keep up with the demands of the market”.

In the coming months it will be expanded and improved to include details on exactly when an item comes in, what it gets made into and when it is sold. There will also be a storage temperature log, cleaning records and many more uses.

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