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Regular newsletters and sales mail-shots are an important tool in getting your message out and drumming up interest around your business. However, if you do not have the time required to create emails and send them on a regular basis, ad hoc mailing can give a sloppy and disorganised impression.

With your current database, we can create a personalised template to fit your business and website, and write you weekly mailshots, monthly newsletters and circulate press releases for you. Or, you could simply pick different combinations of what we are offering.

Upon sending your campaign you will be sent reports based on your choosing from the below (As well as a one page PDF overview) –

  • Recipient Activity. Who opened and clicked, etc.
  • Link Activity & Overlay. Which links were popular, who clicked.
  • Worldview -Countries that viewed campaign activity
  • Opens & Clicks over Time. When did subscribers open and click
  • Email Client Usage. Which email clients are being used?
  • Bounce Summary Who didn’t receive this

Giving you a great insight into your interactions with your customers, and maintaining a healthy and cleansed database.