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Responsive Website Design

A ‘responsive’ website means that the layout and content automatically shifts and adapts to fit to the screen it is presented on, such as mobiles or tablets.

With mobile and tablet usage set to double by 2018, and equal desktop usage this year, it has never before been more important to provide users with an easy to use mobile experience.

Despite the following evidence, most business websites are still not mobile ready:

  • 25% of Internet users only access the Internet via a mobile device.
  • Over 20% of Google queries are performed on a mobile.
  • 36% of emails are opened on a mobile or tablet.
  • 60% of people form a better opinion of a brand if it offers a good mobile experience.

It is not just a case of direct visitors to your website; with the majority of inbound marketers using social media and blogging within their strategies, an increase in mobile traffic is a given as 55% of all social media consumption takes place on a mobile device. If you are directing a largely mobile based audience onto a website that is not mobile friendly, you will frustrate your site visitors and only drive your bounce rate up.

Another helpful aspect of responsive design is its positive effect on SEO. Google prefers responsive web design over mobile templates, and having only one URL address makes it far easier for Google to crawl and index your site. This means that responsive sites naturally perform better in search result rankings. As well as this, a responsive site will load in under two seconds, something that is not possible when attempting to load a site that is not responsive on a mobile device. Internet users today have become accustomed to an almost immediate response when browsing the web. Sites that take longer than others are bounced out of in favour of more efficient ones.

Adapting your website to a responsive design will not become a yearly requirement in order to match the changing technologies around us. Another major benefit of responsive design is that it will also adapt to future templates as it is based on screen size rather than device. Future offerings such as wearables will not compromise your responsive website.

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