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Midland Premier PCs are the pinnacle of computer hardware, designed and built by gamers for gamers.

As programmers dazzle us with graphical effects, realistic physics and advanced artificial intelligence - raising the bar with each game released - you will need the latest hardware to use all these advanced features. This site is dedicated to presenting high calibre computers for the elitist market where only the best is good enough. No expense is spared as we use only the highest performance, review winning components from market leading manufacturers.

Red Lightning

Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you are limited to a low spec machine! With its Gigabyte motherboard, Intel i5 processor, NVIDIA Geforce Graphics Card you can not only keep up with - but beat the rest. View full »

Yellow Tornado

Yellow Tornado is an example of a game player's dream, Intel i5, Gigabyte motherboard, GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Card and a terabyte of fast 7200rpm SATA3 storage for all your games. View full »

Green Mist

Using the latest SSD technology this machine cannot be beaten on price. With its Intel i7 3.5 Ghz chip, Gigabyte motherboard and GeForce GTX 680 graphics card PLUS 40 gb of SSD storage - the Green Mist descends the game rises! View full »

Blue Thunder

When games get tougher you need a tougher PC to stay ahead of the game. With the latest Gigabyte motherboard, Intel i7 processor and NVIDIA graphics you know that you are ahead of the competition. View full »

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