F-Secure Software and Services

Midland Computers has long standing relationships with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the industry. We are official partners of HP, IBM and Dell, meaning we are able to offer the world’s latest computer technology and support, whilst also catering for bespoke or industry specific hardware requirements. We offer continued support through our helpdesk and onsite engineers, as well as repairs for your hardware. We are able to advise you on your software and hardware requirements and manage your IT refresh, initial installations or simply provide you with ongoing support.

Complete System Protection from One of the Countries Leading F-Secure Partners based In Shropshire

Local network, file and e-mail servers as well as fast connections to the Internet are the basis for effective work in small and medium businesses. Traditional anti-virus is no longer enough for protecting against new and fast spreading viruses, worms, trojans or clever hackers.

As an authorised F-Secure Partner Midland Computers based in Telford, Shropshire is able to provide you with any F-Secure product, whether it be for a single PC or a server in a business environment with a suite of workstations.

F-Secure products are easy to use and are a highly effective solution against viruses, worms and trojans, as well as against hackers, unauthorised intrusion attempts, spyware and spam. With so many threats nowadays, simple anti-virus is not enough.

For small offices that require stand-alone protection, F-Secure offers virus protection, personal security and intrusion prevention for Microsoft Windows-based desktop and notebook computers.

For companies that require a centrally managed solution, F-Secure provides anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion and spam prevention for workstations, laptops, and servers.

The centralised Administration Kit ensures the latest updates for software and virus definitions are downloaded once and rolled out to all machines automatically. This ensures that all areas of your business are completely protected with no weak links in your defence.

This approach reduces bandwidth usage, network traffic and the need to renew licences and apply updates individually, saving time and providing a more cost effective solution.