Gold Contract

Terms and Conditions



  • Network Configuration
  • Configuration requests
  • Responses to customer requested administration tasks
  • Third-party services such as (but not limited to) phone lines or other connectivity.
  • General usage and “how-to” questions
  • Invalid software and hardware configurations
  • Consumables and wear and tear to items such as (but not limited to) batteries, plastics and diskettes
  • Non-critical failures that fall within industry specified tolerances e.g. noise, LCD pixel failure
  • Repair of the system after virus infection or damage incurred from other security breaches
  • 3rd party ADSL issues
  • Bank Holidays and Christmas Breaks as communicated by Midland Computers.
  • Virus or malicious software rectification

Damage Exclusions

  • In addition to those items specified in Midland Computers Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, Maintenance Contracts do not cover damage caused by: Use of components or software not supplied by Midland Computers
  • Relocation or transportation
  • Servicing not authorised by Midland Computers
  • Usage not in accordance with product instructions
  • Improper voltage selection on the systems power supply or other electrical damage caused by power supply spikes etc.
  • Unreasonable or excessive use
  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Environmental conditions - "Act of God", fire, flood, the act of violence or any similar occurrence

Customer Obligations

  • In order to enable Midland Computers to carry out its support obligations the Customer, without limitation, should where possible, provide a technically competent person with knowledge of the system and fault to actively assist in troubleshooting.
  • Ensure the system is in an easily accessible location with adequate space and complies with health and safety condition
  • Provide such telecommunication facilities as are reasonably required by Midland Computers for the performance of its obligations and for any other testing, diagnostic and remedial purposes at the customer's expense.
  • Keep full security copies of any software and data in accordance with best computing practice and in any case before requesting service from Midland Computers
  • Acknowledge that they are responsible for recovering their own application software after any such service has been provided other than those specified in your agreement
  • The customer is responsible for informing Midland Computers of any software installations undertaken by third parties that have taken place after the initial audit to ensure that any images include this software.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that a current full backup is available should it be required.
  • Midland Computers reserves the right to refuse to carry out any maintenance contract work on items that are miss licensed or contradictory to the licensing agreements of the relevant software vendor.
  • Any other actions that Midland Computers may reasonably request in order to best perform the service.
  • Internet access at Customer's premises is essential and must be functional for remote support requests to be fulfilled.

Limitations that may affect your SLA

  • Part Availability - Very occasionally specific system parts are not readily available within the country and any SLA is subject to parts availability,
  • Service timings are dependent upon the time of day that your call is placed. Calls received by Midland Computers after 17:00 Mon-Fri (Excludes Bank Holidays and Christmas Break as communicated by Midland Computers) and/or dispatches made after that time may require an additional business day for a service engineer to arrive.
  • Missed Service Visit - If the required representative is not at the location when the service engineer arrives, resulting in the service engineer being unable to complete his job assignment you will be invoiced for the visit at your contract rate of £70 per hour (Or £80 per hour for our Consultant Engineer.)

Please note

  • The SLA onsite time assumes that the address to be attended is located within a 40-mile radius of Telford. Increased traveling distances, Traffic conditions, Weather conditions, road conditions and / or Road closures may affect the onsite arrival times that are beyond the control of Midland Computers, in these circumstances Midland Computers will employ the best endeavor to meet the stated SLA but do not guarantee the SLA onsite time.
  • Midland Computers may use its discretion to deem hardware products as beyond economical repair or obsolete and may advise that the unit requires to be replaced at customer expense.
  • Hardware Items purchased after the contract start date and hence not listed on the contract will be covered during the remaining term of the contract only when supplied by Midland Computers. Hardware added during the term of the contract, supplied by 3rd party Companies are not covered under this contract.
  • For non-contract work or escalation to a field or senior engineer please note All remote jobs have a minimum charge of ½ hour and additional time is charged at 30-minute increments beyond this point. All on-site jobs hold a minimum charge of 1 hour, with 30-minute increments from this point.
  • For non-contract work or escalation to a consultant engineer please note All remote jobs have a minimum charge of 1 hour and additional time is charged at 30-minute increments beyond this point. All on-site jobs hold a minimum charge of 2 hours, with 30-minute increments from this point.