With Virtualisation you can reduce your hardware requirement and IT infrastructure by running multiple servers or workstations on a single, physical device. Efficiency is improved as applications are deployed more quickly and costs are reduced as workloads, hardware and servers are consolidated.


Microsoft's Hyper-V and VMware's ESXi products are at the forefront of virtualization - the technology that enables companies to migrate old physical machines into a virtualized environment. Midland Computers are official partners of both, which means that we have achieved the criteria and qualifications they specify to install and implement their industry leading software.


We often find that clients who are in need of a hardware refresh do not wish to migrate to a newer operating system of something because they are either not ready, or feel that the system they are familiar with does the job and they do not yet have the time to invest in training. Virtualization tackles this problem as it enables newer hardware to run legacy software and operating systems. Without virtualization, new hardware is often not able to do this.