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Budgeting For Your IT - Did you know Midland Computers provides IT leasing?

Budgeting For Your IT

There are numerous things to consider when trying to budget for your IT needs. It can feel like quite a daunting task, but with our expert advice on offering the best support for you to help you plan ahead, it's one less thing to worry about.

Now, what about your hardware and software?

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New Showroom Website

Midland Computers - your local computer shop. We bring a personal touch to the all too often faceless world of IT. The computer industry is always changing, and can seem like a minefield even for tech-savvy users. We often hear that shopping online or visiting large retail park stores doesn’t make matters any clearer; the choice of products may be too limited or too overwhelming, and they may not have the right expertise and understanding of what you need to help you make the right purchase.

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Is your business prepared for the worst case scenario?

A report by Forbes stated that "more than 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 29% were still operating after two years."

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Windows 10 is on its way…

Windows 10 is on its way…

It’s exciting times at Microsoft as Windows 10 has been given a launch date of 29th July. This is a free upgrade for many Windows users – but before you press the upgrade button ensure your business is ready. You may notice an icon already appearing in your taskbar to reserve your copy of Windows 10 – you can now reserve your free upgrade by registering…but read on before you install.

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Cryptolock re-appears as a new ransomware called as “Threat Finder”

A new ransomware called as “Threat Finder” has been discovered by a security researcher at Rackspace. Threat Finder is feared to be a copy of Cryptolocker and can infect Windows PC’s via multiple sources; the most common infection is when a user browses a compromised website.

The only solution to save your data is to take timely backups and take the usual steps to Prevent Ransomware from getting onto your computer.

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F-Secure - Best Protection award, 4 years in a row

For the fourth year in a row, F-Secure has won the Best Protection award from the AV-TEST Institute. F-Secure Client Security has been selected for Best Protection 2014 in the corporate user category, a result of its consistent top performance in tests throughout the year.

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Midland Computers relationship with New College Telford goes from strength to strength…

Telford based IT Company Midland Computers have been working together with New College Telford in Wellington on a number of projects over the last year, and recently provided notebooks and PCs to the College which have been rolled out as part of their ICT strategy.In good hands – Mike Haycox of Midland Computers hands over IT hardware to Rachel Ford at New College Telford.

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Modernize your workforce

People today want to be productive wherever they go. They want to work faster and smarter across their favourite devices, while staying current and connected. Simply put, they want to have business tools that work as hard as they do.

Microsoft Office 365 is the right choice for your business

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Windows Server 2003…the end is nigh.

Are you on Server 2012? Now is the ideal time for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 to take advantage of Microsofts latest Server platform.

Server 2003 is going End of Support, what does this mean to you?

• On July 14th 2015 Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This will include Security Updates and Patches as well.
• Visa and MasterCard may no longer do business with companies using Windows Server 2003 once it goes end of extended support as they won’t be compliant.

If you run a Windows Server 2003 or Small Business Server 2003 now is the time to take action, The average time from business planning to completion from 2003 to an up to date O/S takes 100 days.

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Stay Safe out there…There’s a new ‘ransomware’ about.

There’s a new ‘ransomware’ about.

You may have heard of the practice where unscrupulous hackers and syndicates demand money from you to access your files… pretty much amounting to blackmail. Be careful…be aware of suspicious attachments in email, even from people you know – and ensure you have all your data backed up away from your PC.