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Disaster Recovery – The Recovery Simulation Test

“Many businesses do not realise the value of their data until it is too late. Others think that they have good backups, only to find them unreliable when needed.” – The Department of Trade and Industry.

Without fail, every year we receive panicked reports off customers who have not been able to resolve a backup, despite religiously backing up their data regularly. The problem can be missing files, wrong files or faulty media. Without support and an appropriate response in place, a business is left with no IT infrastructure and in turn, no way of operating their business effectively.

The problem has become more severe in recent years as backups have become more and more complex.

We provide out of hours Engineers in order to act fast and fix problems before there is any impact on commercial business, but in order to avoid these situations in the first place; we offer a fixed fee service that will check your method of backup and your ability to retrieve important data. We run a ‘Recovery Simulation Test’, in order to highlight any faults in your backup and method, enabling you to rectify them before disaster should strike.