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We are very excited to announce that we have grown the business to include the new service section of Dedicated Educational Services. With this we welcome back, Mike Haycox – Account Manager (Educational Specialist).

We are now offering the same level of support that we do for businesses, to schools. We aim to make smart use of budgets and understand that teaching is the priority, not waiting around for tools such as IT services to be brought up to scratch by someone unreliable. We have the support and engineering skills already in place for call outs which can have a response time of as little as four hours.


Mike Haycox – Account Manager, Educational Specialist

“As well focussing on small and medium sized businesses within the private sector, my role is to explore and develop new business within the educational/public sector. I have a background in IT Support/Management and previously worked for Midland Computers as an Account Manager before I took the leap into Primary education. I then qualified through the GTP and taught for a few years in schools within Staffordshire. It’s here that I noticed schools are not receiving the support they need and children are not getting the opportunity they deserve, simply because their IT is not working for them within their tight budget. I am confident that Midland Computers have the skills and expertise to deliver a great service to help these schools. I believe my knowledge of IT support (together with understanding the pressures and concerns of ICT co-ordinators within schools) can lead to new long-term business relationships. With the new curriculum in place for the autumn term we are hoping to help schools prepare, by making sure they have the correct provision of hardware, software and support for the new academic year. I am very excited to be developing new relationships with those within the academic field, and look forward to helping the next generation develop their IT skills.”

For more information, call us on: 01952 588688

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