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Email Branding and Your Business


Do you have any of the following types of email address in use for your business?

If you answered “Yes”, this is a low cost and often easy (though not always) email solution, but for a business it’s not good practice for a number of reasons. Firstly, you have made a marketing error. Why promote the service provider when they probably buy nothing from you, but every time you send an email you are promoting them? More importantly, it looks unprofessional and will likely prove inflexible as your business develops. A better approach is to purchase your own domain name, or use a domain already in use for your website if you have one, and use that for your email addresses.

For example, imagine you own a company called QWERTY Typewriters.

You need to set up an email address, and have a couple of options:

1. creative@qwertytypewriters.com
2. qwertytypewriters@gmail.com

Option 1

This not only contains your website address, it adds branding or a service associated with it. You could also have info@qwertytypewriters.com, service@qwertytypewriters.com, john@qwertytypewriters.com etc. and allocate each address to a separate user. The “service@” address gives a feeling of professionalism to the recipient and confidence that they are dealing with the right department or person. In addition, if you change your email provider your domain name can move with you. Your customers and suppliers continue to use the same email addresses, and you don’t need to change any of your literature or signwriting.

Option 2

By contrast, ISP domain-based addresses like this could well give a poor impression of your business. This one, like many, looks very generic and could make customers and suppliers wonder how many people pick emails up from that mailbox, and whether the right person wills receive their email. Other problems with this are:

How would you set up additional email addresses? Would you set up:

Of course you wouldn’t! It’s cumbersome and looks unprofessional.

What happens if you switch to another provider? Your stationery, business cards and company vehicles all show the old Gmail address. It’s also likely to be difficult if not impossible to migrate your emails over, so all of a sudden your email has all gone. That could be years of email communication records.

Midland Computers can assist you with domain purchase and set up, and how best to get your emails and web domain working for you. Please contact us for more information.