Midland Computers

Flight Sim 2014


This month, we attended the 2014 Flight Sim Show at RAF Cosford. We were exhibiting some examples of our custom built PCs that were running Flight Sim, for visitors to have a go on. We had a fantastic day meeting lots of enthusiasts and letting them know about our equipment and what we can offer. We also used it as an opportunity to showcase our Cost Calculator, a tool to help make choosing custom PC components easier.


We also ran a competition on the day to win a pair of our Turtle Bay headphones, and Ernie from GEO Airlines was our winner. Here is what he had to say about the day:

“This year 2 Virtual Airlines, Geo Airlines and British Virgin UK, went to Cosford’s RAF Museum Flight Sim Show to look for ideas on various things to help run our FSX and P3D machines, and came across Midland Computers stand. After talking with them and making a fool of ourselves on their FSX computer we came away with a lot better knowledge of how to upgrade our computers. A great day was had by all of us and a big thank you to Midland Computers for spending so much of their time with us.”