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How are your emails?

How are your emails?

Most small and medium businesses use email as a primary method for communicating with customers, colleagues, and suppliers.  But, how productive is your email tool?  If you are relying on a POP3 email connection, you are likely missing out on productivity-boosting features like real-time access from any computer, back-up of critical information, and automatic syncing with your phone. Or maybe you have Exchange emails as part of another solution and looking to change.

Our Hosted Exchange email solution gives all of the advantages of having your own Microsoft Exchange email server, without the costs and hassle of running that email server yourselves. I’ve listed a few of the main benefits for using Hosted Exchange below…

Here is just a small list of what Exchange makes possible:

  • Secure Outlook connections.
  • Access to calendar, contacts, tasks, and email from remote locations.
  • Support for synced multiple-computer access.
  • Automatic syncing of email, calendar, and contacts between Outlook and your mobile device. 
  • Full functionality of group scheduling and meeting requests.
  • Shared calendar and contacts with team members.
  • Powerful spam filtering.
  • Automatic out-of-office notifications.
  • Message recall functionality.
  • Public folders for sharing documents and information with team members.
  • Automatic back-up of your email, tasks, calendar, and contacts.  If your computer crashes or you lose your phone, none of your Outlook data is lost.
  • Securely access email remotely – via the Web or a mobile device (iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android device, etc.).
  • Manage and access your contact information anytime.
  • iew and manage one calendar that is always synced between your computer and smartphone.  You can securely view and edit your calendar from any computer.