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Midland Computers – COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

Midland Computers – COVID-19
Business Continuity Plan

Dear Customer, 


We know your business depends on the ability of Midland Computers to provide reliable, prompt service.  In light of the recent developments around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to share with you the measures we are taking to ensure service continuity.

As an IT company we have already made investments in our technology infrastructure and business continuity planning to ensure we can operate all our systems and processes remotely with little, if any, impact to normal service levels. This will ensure we are able to provide you with service should any of our colleagues need to work remotely (due to e.g. self-isolation, school closures, etc.) or should we decide to close our offices and switch to a remote working model.  We have seasoned business continuity strategies to confirm we can continue to provide a near seamless transition to the remote model should our entire workforce need to work remotely. In the event of this happening, we would operate as follows:

  1. ALL staff would have full remote access to our systems, as if they were in the office.
  2. Our phone system would be seamlessly diverted to department specific mobile phones, allowing continuous phone access to our departments in the same manner as currently in place.
  3. Internet based communications will provide a seamless virtual office environment with all staff able to communicate effectively.
  4. Support, enquiries, quotes, order processing, etc. would be remotely accessed by our teams.
  5. Skype and Microsoft Teams would be used internally to work with our customers and vendors for productive collaboration and content sharing.

Live events and training would be switched to virtual environments. We have reviewed all upcoming events and are discussing alternative solutions with our vendor partners.

Our business continuity plan also covers our onsite staff to ensure the protection of our staff and continuity of inbound and outbound deliveries. Specific measures in place include the following:

  1. Hand sanitisers for all onsite staff attendances.
  2. Disposable gloves for all onsite staff.
  3. Isolation of inbound/collection drivers.

Staff cross trained to provide backup of essential skills, knowledge and services.

As always, we remain committed to supporting your business with an unparalleled level of service and will continue to monitor the situation, providing you with updates appropriately and promptly.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager on 01952 588688.


Kind regards

Hedley Corcoran

Managing Director, Midland Computers Ltd