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Midland Computers Recovery Simulation Test


Midland Computers Recovery Simulation Test -  How well are you looking after your data?

It’s your business’s lifeblood, and you are only ever as good as your last backup. Where is it? How frequently is it backed up? Perhaps most importantly, what is your IT Disaster Recovery Plan, and how can you provide evidence of having it? These questions are particularly important if you hold (or are seeking to gain) ISO certification, as for a number of ISO requirements you will need to prove that your business has prepared for if the worst should happen.

“Many businesses do not realise the value of their data until it is too late. Others think that they have good backups, only to find them unreliable when needed.” – The Department of Trade and Industry.

Without fail, every year we receive panicked calls from customers who have not been able to recover their data from a backup when necessary, despite religiously backing up their data on a regular basis. The problem can be missing files, wrong files or faulty media. Without support and an appropriate response in place, a business is left with no IT infrastructure and in turn, no way of operating their business effectively. Have a look on the internet; a quick search suddenly gives you frightening statistics on data loss due to recovery option failure, and the true cost to businesses like yours.


The issue of how best to ensure that your company can recover its data and begin trading again following a catastrophe has become increasingly severe, as in recent years backups have become vastly more complex. With this in mind, we offer the Midland Computers Recovery Simulation Test.

Your peace of mind service:

·         We carry out a fixed price routine recovery of your system to a test server at Midland Computers using your current backup method.

·         We then invite you in to view your recovered server and discuss your current backup cycles, retention periods, transport and storage.

·         We advise you of estimated recovery times and recommend possible improvements (if any) to your current backup methods.

·         This gives you peace of mind that your backups are working correctly and can be recovered to different hardware in the event of theft, fire, flood, or simply a failure of hardware.

We also provide fully documented case notes for your reference.