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Say goodbye to Windows 7



Windows 7 is going end of life at the end of 2019, which is 11 years after its release in 2009. This will mean no more security patches, you will be vulnerable to bugs and 3rd party software and hardware providers will stop supporting Windows 7. 

With the introduction of Windows 10, however, Microsoft adopted a new policy for the sustainability of their products. This model is known as Windows as a Service (WaaS) and incorporates continuous updates and support for current product offerings, like Windows 10.

This is good news for business. From this point forward, businesses using Windows 10 will remain up-to-date with the latest fixes and updates. They won’t need to upgrade to a new operating system, and they won’t need to agonize over which one will be the least troublesome to implement. Windows as a Service (WaaS) assures a smooth transition between iterations of a single operating system. Windows 10 may look completely different ten years from now, but incremental updates will happen behind the scenes without a major upheaval to business systems.

If you would like to discuss options and how to prepare for this, please do get in touch.