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Stay Safe out there…There’s a new ‘ransomware’ about.

There’s a new ‘ransomware’ about.

You may have heard of the practice where unscrupulous hackers and syndicates demand money from you to access your files… pretty much amounting to blackmail.

Now a new ransomware variant has been spreading via email, just as previous ones had. It’s being referred to as Trojan.DownLoad3.35539, and appears in a message as a ZIP file with hopes that unsuspecting recipients will click on it.

When this happens the file downloads the encryption program from the hackers server which then locks your personal files. You are then confronted by a sinister message demanding payment whilst a countdown clock starts giving you a set amount of time to pay…or lose your files.

Be careful…be aware of suspicious attachments in email, even from people you know – and ensure you have all your data backed up away from your PC.