Midland Computers

We Love Your Data


We love your data. We really do.

After all, we understand that your data is your business. 50% of businesses that lose their data never open their doors again. And what of those that do manage to stay open? Unfortunately 90% of those end up failing within two years.

This is the best reason we can give you to ensure that you take regular backups.

However, this is only half the story. Backups are great - provided they work! There is nothing worse than hearing the panic and fear of a company whose backups have been failing or cannot be recovered from when the need to restore their data arises. Having thought that they were prepared for such circumstances inevitably heightens the nasty shock of the situation for them.

To help you avoid being in this unenviable position we offer our great fixed fee recovery simulation service, where we check that your method and ability to recover your business data is sound before you have to try it for real.

This is just one of the many services we offer to help keep your data safe and happy, from making sure that your backups are taking place successfully with our remote monitoring solution to carefully ensuring that your data is in tip top condition as you upgrade your systems.