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Windows 10 is on its way…

It’s exciting times at Microsoft as Windows 10 has been given a launch date of 29th July. This is a free upgrade for many Windows users – but before you press the upgrade button ensure your business is ready. You may notice an icon already appearing in your taskbar to reserve your copy of Windows 10 – you can now reserve your free upgrade by registering…but read on before you install.


There are still many applications that will not be supported by Windows 10 currently, as well as many features that are removed from a Windows 10 upgrade, and of course a whole new browser…and you need to ensure your business is ready to change.

Midland Computers can help you test your working environment to ensure you are ready, and put measures in place to help you if you are not – assisting you in the whole process.

Contact Midland Computers to ensure a smooth Windows 10 transition.