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You are only as good as your last back up. “Many businesses do not realise the value of their data until it is too late. Others think that they have good backups, only to find them unreliable when needed.” – The Department of Trade and Industry.

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Midland Computers - your local computer shop. We bring a personal touch to the all too often faceless world of IT. The computer industry is always changing, and can seem like a minefield even for tech-savvy users. We often hear that shopping online or visiting large retail park stores doesn’t make matters any clearer; the choice of products may be too limited or too overwhelming, and they may not have the right expertise and understanding of what you need to help you make the right purchase.

Midland Computers

Time is running out - Free Windows 10 Upgrade Ends 29th July 2016

Do you have devices with operating systems eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade? If so time is running out to plan for upgrading them, as this offer from Microsoft ends on 29th July 2016.

We can assess your systems to ensure you are ready.

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We Love Your Data

We love your data. We really do.

After all, we understand that your data is your business. 50% of businesses that lose their data never open their doors again. And what of those that do manage to stay open? Unfortunately 90% of those end up failing within two years.

Midland Computers

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Expiry

o you have an operating system eligible for the Free Windows 10 Upgrade? If so...this offer ends on 29th July 2016.

You can do great things with the best Windows ever, but are you or your business ready to upgrade?

Midland Computers can help you ensure that your systems are ready for change. As well as experiencing individual PC issues, we have discovered that there are some known issues which can arise when introducing a Windows 10 PC into a server environment that has not been prepared first

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Unless you are ready for Windows 10 there are ways to prevent this

If you don’t have a business server that controls your policy updates, you may soon start to see one of the many 'Microsoft Recommended Update' boxes that are popping up for Windows 10.

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Email Branding and Your Business

Do you have any of the following types of email address in use for your business?

yourbusiness@btinternet.com (or another internet service provider’s domain)

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Randlay Colts

Proud to support Randlay Colts Under 11's football team - a great season.

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Hosted Exchange For Your Business

Turn your business emails off for a day...how would that affect your business? Do you know how important your email is to your business?

Not only do our Hosted Exchange Products give you Enterprise Class Business Email solutions...but you also have the extra reassurance that your emails are hosted off your business site in our very own ‘State of the Art Data Centre’ should anything happen to your business.

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Easter Opening Hours

Midland Computers hope you have a cracking Easter - we are closed on Friday 25th March and Monday 28th March - we are back on Tuesday 29th March.