Licensing and Audits

Having the correct software and making sure it is properly licensed is no small task, and we find that companies can often get caught in this licensing minefield. We can work with you to ensure your licensing is compliant and legal, and best fits your business requirements as well as implementing best practices in the field.


Making sure your software is licensed correctly is not just a matter of legality, it is essential to the security of your company data. It is of the utmost importance to use legitimate software, as hackers use counterfeit software to inject code, infecting it with malware and viruses - not to mention the fact that your business could get heavily fined if found using pirated products. We can alleviate the stress of the licensing minefield by carrying out software audits for your company. This not only checks that you are properly licensed (avoiding security threats and fines) but also ensures you are using the appropriate software for your business.


With no expertise or up to date vendor knowledge in the field, companies can find themselves paying more than they need to for software, or in some circumstances, even being totally unlicensed. We begin by identifying your company’s software requirements in order to deliver a superior licensing solution. We determine a best fit, best value licensing option for you and your business.