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Windows Server 2003…the end is nigh.

Are you on Server 2012? Now is the ideal time for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 to take advantage of Microsofts latest Server platform.

Server 2003 is going End of Support, what does this mean to you?

• On July 14th 2015 Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This will include Security Updates and Patches as well.
• Visa and MasterCard may no longer do business with companies using Windows Server 2003 once it goes end of extended support as they won’t be compliant.

If you run a Windows Server 2003 or Small Business Server 2003 now is the time to take action, The average time from business planning to completion from 2003 to an up to date O/S takes 100 days.

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Stay Safe out there…There’s a new ‘ransomware’ about.

There’s a new ‘ransomware’ about.

You may have heard of the practice where unscrupulous hackers and syndicates demand money from you to access your files… pretty much amounting to blackmail. Be careful…be aware of suspicious attachments in email, even from people you know – and ensure you have all your data backed up away from your PC.

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How Secure Is Your Password?

You would think in this age of online security that everyone by now would have changed their passwords to something a little more secure. It appears not.

A recent survey has just released a list of the top 25 most common passwords that are in use…click below to read more. Is it time to change yours?

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Hosted Solutions

Midland Computers operates its own fully managed onsite and secure Business Data Centre.

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Microsoft Server 2003

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The Women in Tech Workshop

You may have noticed that there has been much coverage in the press lately concerning the likes of Gamergate and the gender gap in the IT industry

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We will be closing from December 23rd 4.00pm until January 2nd 8:30am.

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Randlay Colts Under 10s Kit Sponsorship

This month, we have sponsored the kit of local Under 10s football team, the Randlay Colts.

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Women in Tech Workshop

Combat the gender gap and learn more about the IT and computing industry with Midland Computers.

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Disaster Recovery – The Recovery Simulation Test

“Many businesses do not realise the value of their data until it is too late. Others think that they have good backups, only to find them unreliable when needed.” – The Department of Trade and Industry.